5 Easy Ways to Prepare for Your Newborn Photoshoot

5 Easy Ways to Prepare for Your Newborn Photoshoot

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a time of joy and wonder, and capturing those first few weeks is a must! Its the one thing I regret the most! all those tiny details before they start to grow. Preparing for a newborn photoshoot, however, might seem a tad overwhelming amidst the whirlwind of parental duties. But I got you! Here are five easy ways you can ensure the photoshoot with your mini goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

1. Timing is Everything: Schedule Wisely

The ideal time to capture those sleeply snuggles of bubs is within the first 4 weeks most photographers say 2 weeks but honestly 4 – 6 weeks is also such a beautiful time. During this newborn phase, they are more likely to stay asleep for longer periods and still curl up in those womb-like positions that look so adorable in photos. Aim to schedule your session mid-morning when babies often tend to be sleepiest after their first feed of the day, I usually recommend around 10am for my newborn sessions.

2. Feed and Comfort: Milk drunk is KEY

A happy baby will 110% make for a successful photoshoot. Feeding your little one right before our session can help them feel content and hopefully start to doze off. Additionally, remember to have everything on hand for comfort—pacifiers, extra nappy’s, extra feeds if bottle/mix feeding and a blanket for swaddling.

3. Setting the Scene: Choose Your Location and Environment

Decide where you would like the shoot to take place—In the comfort of your own home or at a location most both are absolutely beautiful, alot of my client choose beach style sessions and we set up a picnic and document sweet moment. Home sessions provide a personal touch and can help capture the essence of your family’s new beginning, while ensuring you don’t have to rush out of the house and forget something. But if were at a location, I tend to make sure these sessions run abit quicker so you can sneak back home before bubs realises you’ve left LOL. Tips for in home sessions are to ensure the room is warm or a comfortable temp when bubs is undressed, and utilise soft, natural lighting if possible close to windows, to create those gentle, dreamlike photos.

4. Props and Wardrobe: Pick Outfits and Accessories in Advance

Select a few outfits and props before the shoot. Soft, neutral colours or pastel shades work well for newborn photos as they emphasise the baby’s delicateness. Keep it simple with one or two changes to avoid disturbing your little one too much. Small blankets, knitted hats, or headbands can add a cute touch to the pictures, but make sure that anything you use is safe and comfortable for your baby.

5. Patience is Key: Stay Relaxed and Flexible

Newborns are unpredictable, and so it’s important to approach the photoshoot with a sense of calm and flexibility. If the baby needs a break to feed or be changed, it’s perfectly okay to take a pause. As a mum of 3 babies myself I know exactly how choatic, frazzled…all of the above it can feel especially in those first few weeks, but its why I allow extra time for my sessions, knowing that we may need extra feeds and extra settling.

Remember, the goal of the photoshoot is to create a memory of how tiny and perfect your baby is in those first weeks of life. It’s not just about getting the perfect picture—it’s a celebration of a new addition to your family captured for you to treasure forever.

Are you ready to capture the magical early days with your little one? reach out and lets start planning a perfect session to document those sweet tiny moments.


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February 10, 2024

Jessica Hughes

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