HEy There! IM JESS

Mum of 3 beautiful...wild babies
I parent alone a lot, as my hubby is in the military, so I turn to my trusty camera to document the family memories he misses. 

Bringing my fun, positive, easy going vibes to every session, its my goal to have you laughing and comfortable from the very beginning!

Not only will my experience with a camera create your  timeless & heartwarming photographs. My experience and love for people of all ages guides me to preserve your precious moments! As I truely understand how important they are to you.

but enough of me being emotional...lets get o the fun side!!
I'm all for the fun vibes, letting out my inner child while I build a bond & rapport with your kids or if we're celebrating your wedding day find me mingling with the guests or on the d-floor capturing Uncle Mick's drunken moves, 

A little about me







I am not interested in capturing some posed fake, unrealistic version of you! Anyone can do that.

Lets go above and beyond that

Its not often you have a professional document these precious moments! 

I want you to look at your photographs and be transported back to that beautiful raw moment and feel the love, feel your eyes starting to swell with tears as you remember that time! 

Your story is unique to you so thank you for trusting me with it 

We are going to go deep and capture the real stuff not the fluff that anyone can capture.  


“There are few things that inspire and excite me more than photography!”

What inspires me


YOU, You inspire me,
You inspire me to create work that you will absolutely love for years to come 

My Family inspires me every day to show up and be better than yesterday 

But...What makes me different though? 
You can relate to me in more way than most! 
Your looking at documenting that beautiful bump? Ive been their 3 x 

Your looking at documenting your family before they grow? I have my own I know what toddlers are like and its completely FINE I will let them be kids and have fun

Your recently engaged? I remember that excitement & I'm F*&king excited for you!!! 

Your getting Married? OH MY GOD yassss I planned mine in 4 weeks need any help you planning? I got you  

“Every session I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”



"From tears of joy to heartfelt laughter"

Rain, hail or shine, I won’t miss a beat.

Whether your welcoming a beautiful new baby into your life or the moment your partner sees you walk down the aisle, I will be there documenting every single moment! 

Whether your laughing at your wild child saying something super inappropriate or you have a full blown belly chuckle reminising the funnest story with your partner I will capture those smiles, that laughter that love. 

If love filled photographs are what you want than it time to get in touch. 



Outside of photography the things i love to do are spending time with the people I love, my family, my friends and the 3 little people that make my world go round.

I love travelling (hint hint destination weddings yes please), the beach, sunrises, going to the gym, snowboarding (pre kiddies) bomb fires, star gazing, hiking, reading steamy AF books and learning new things. I can also really appreciate a fine ass cocktail. 

Thats a little sneak peek into my life and a few things I love, We all have our own unique souls wandering this beautiful earth with a different story to share, no two are the same and thats why I LOVE documenting love stories, 

So lets document your too!

I am that fun adventurous girl that swears way to much.

Krystal & Jordy

"We knew from day dot that we were in good hands. The photos are simply incredible. From helping us plan our run sheet to capturing the most incredible photos, we were so grateful to have chosen you!!

Ollie & Mikayla

She did an absolutely amazing job and to say that I didn’t cry when I first looked at them would be a lie!
I’m so happy to have these photos as a memory with my fiancé taken at the spot he proposed! 
Could not recommend her enough!

Steve & Emily

Jess photographed our wedding day so beautifully, she went above and beyond our expectations, setting up a zoom link so our family could watch from the UK, it truly means the world to us. 





No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.